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Eco Baby Buzz Blog Has Moved December 31, 2008

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Please Support Our Natural Parenting Bloggers December 28, 2008

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As I recently searched the net for other natural parenting bloggers, I found many interesting blogs with great posts. The problem was, that half of these blog posts were a couple of years old. It really saddens me to think that these bloggers were probally trying to become WAHM’s by earning some income from their blogs, and weren’t able to, so they quit.

Just think how many great articles and posts that could really help someone, that will not be written now. So, I would like to ask for those of you that are reading this, to please help support our natural parenting and other related bloggers so they can continue to write great blogs. This means you simply need to click on their adsense ads to help them generate a little bit of income. Then pass on the word to others about their great blogs and ask them to click on the adsense ads as well.

I do not have any adsense on this blog, but I do have some on my home site Eco Baby Buzz. I have made it a point to start clicking on other bloggers adsense in hopes of helping someone else out and maybe getting some good adsense karma along the way. I hope that some of you will do the same thing. We need to support each other in these hard times, and especially support others who are trying to educate and inform about natural parenting, green living, cloth diapering, etc. Thanks!


Breastfeeding is Best December 24, 2008

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bfingBreastfeeding has numerous advantages and is definitely the best choice for your beautiful newborn baby. Your breast milk will provide the perfect nutrients that are made just for your baby.

Breast milk has even been shown to help protect babies from illness. There have been several studies that have shown that breastfed infants have lower rates of ear infections, rashes, diarrhea, allergies, hospital admissions and other medical problems than infants that have been given formula.

As you may know, infant formula is made from cow’s milk, but you may not realize that formula does not contain the type of protein that is made in human milk, nor does it contain all of the nutrients that your baby needs. Formula lacks fatty acids for brain development, amino acids for central nervous system development, and the correct proportions of calcium and iron. Not to mention that many babies have trouble digesting the protein found in formula. And these are only a few of the many missing ingredients that aren’t found in formula, but are found in your breast milk.

One of the ways breastfeeding helps your child is that your antibodies are transferred from mother to baby. These antibodies help to protect your infant from diseases such as asthma & allergy, diabetes, childhood cancer, ear infections, urinary infections, sudden infant death syndrome, acute respiratory disease, and more. Almost 80% of the cells found in human milk protect against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Breastfeeding also helps to promote a sense of security and a close bond with the mother. Unlike bottle feeding, a nursing mother is required to spend a great deal of time cuddling and holding her baby over the course of the day. Breastfeeding creates an attachment between mother and child that begins at birth.

Not to mention that breastfeeding can save you thousands of dollars on formula. When your baby is crying and needs to be fed, you will never have to worry about making a bottle, or even running to the store if your out. Breast milk is always ready and at your disposal. And every time you breast feed you are using up calories making it easier to lose weight postpartum.

When you make the decision to nurse your baby, there are a few things you should be aware of. Even though breastfeeding is indeed the most natural choice, it doesn’t always come naturally. You may experience some difficulties in the beginning, such as sore or cracked nipples, engorement, low milk supply or poor latch from your baby. Please don’t be discouraged. There are many wonderful resources out there, such as La Leche League, where you can find help with all these problems and more. And remember, with patience and practice, things will get better and you will have a deep connection with your breastfed baby.

After you give birth, it is best to place your newborn to your breast as soon as possible. Although you won’t be producing milk yet, you will be producing a wonderful substitute called colostrum. Colustrum otherwise know as “mother’s gold”, is high in protein, carbohydrates, and antibodies and is perfect for the first few days of your infants life. A newborn babe should be fed every 1 – 2 hours for the first few months, or you may even want to feed them “on demand” until they settle into more of a schedule on their own.

Whether you are a new parent, or an experienced parent, you will want to give your baby the very best. Breastmilk is one of the best ways  you can give to your new child the very best. It is made just for your baby and will make give her a head start on a healthy and happy life.

For more great articles and information on natural parenting topics, please go to Eco Baby Buzz!


Selling Diapers in This Economy December 23, 2008

With the way the economy is now days, it has become increasingly hard to sell your used diapers. I have witnessed Goodmama’s go from being sold used at $45  and unable to get from The Goodmama herself, to being able to go to the site and see pages of diapers just sitting there.

Muttaqin Baby, who would previously be sold out of diapers within hours, has lowered her prices of all her diapers by $5 or more. Diapers that had “hard to find” prints and were being sold for 30 some odd dollars are now being sold for $22 – $25. This was absolutely unheard of a few months ago.

With the way things were then, I was able to sell any of my diapers for almos the price I paid for them, because they were so highly sought, yet so hard to get. Now, with the ever declining economy, I can barely sell a Muttaqin Baby diaper for $10. Yes, $10! So, with that in mind, it is important to consider all this when you try to sell your diapers now.

If you want to sell a diaper now, that you paid $20 + for a few months ago, know that you will not be able to sell it for that much now. I recomend starting at a low price from the start. Otherwise you will find yourself slowly lowering the price until you can finally find a buyer.

If you have a diaper to sell that is not a popluar one, unfortunatly you will have to lower the price even more, no matter what you paid for it. Mama’s just don’t have the money to buy diapers anymore, or are switching to inexpensive diapers. Luckily there are always diapers that will sell, as long as the FSOT isn’t saturated with them.

So the one piece of advice I have for you is this, the lower the price, the faster it will sell. Lower your expectations on what you think you should get for your diapers (or wool for that matter). What was once worth everything you paid, is now worth less than half that price. And even with prices lowered, things are still sitting on FSOT for weeks.

In these hard times, you may even want to consider trading for other items you need. I have had some great trades myself. I have been able to trade some Muttaqin Baby diapers for recyled wool, knit wool, and mama pads. I am now in the works of selling an almost new serger for wool. Trading can be a great way to go!

I can only hope that the economy gets better for us all, and not because of the diaper situation. Hopefully with this new year and new president, things can slowly start getting better for us all!

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Addicted To Cloth December 22, 2008

I have a serious addiction to cloth diapering. For those of you who do not use cloth diapers, or who do not have a serious shopping addiction, you may not understand this. i’m not sure if my addiction stems from my love of shopping or my need to enjoy something cute and fluffy. Whatever it is, I’m in deep.

When I find a diaper I love, I have to have more of them. Alot more. I have gone through spurts where I have a new favorite diaper every month. As you can imagine, that doesn’t help out my pocket book much. Thankfully, I take good care of my diapers and have been able to  sell them for close to what I paid for them. It has been quite a roller coaster ride though, and luckily I have convinced my husband that it’s ok!

It all started with Bumgenius. I tried them and a few other diapers, and decided that was the diaper – there was nothing better. So I started to grow my stash so I had enough diaper to last a few days and had all Bumgenius. I was quite happy with it like that for a few months. Then I couldn’t resist the urge to try something new. (I think that was about tax refund time) And that was when it was really all over. With a little money to play with, I quickly began changing up my stash, several times. Do you have any idea how many kinds of diapers there are out there? So many….. So I tried a bunch of the popular ones, switched from all pockets to prefolds to fitteds and then to fitteds and pockets. LOL.

I can say that I am mostly over my trying everything out phase. I pretty much have to be with the state of the economy anyway. I have found one type of fitted I love, and one type of pocket I love, and have built a nice stash with them. I am pretty happy. Except when my favorite WAHM puts out a new pretty batch of fluffies that I have to try to resist. Thats when I have to find something to sell so I can buy more!

I mean you should see these diapers! They are adorable! The prints are so cute, the diapers so soft! I love to wrap a new and soft diaper on my baby’s bum and know how nice it must feel against his skin. Such luxury! I wish I could have something so nice. I’m just glad that cloth diapering is something we can both enjoy. I wonder what he’ll think when he gets older and relizes all this?

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Benefits of Baby Wearing December 21, 2008

Your baby spends nine months in your womb; the closest two people can be to each other. He feels the warmth of your body, hears your heart beating rhythmically, and is filled with the familiar smells of mommy. So it is only natural to mimic that closeness by using a baby carrier or sling with your sweet newborn baby. Baby wearing is not only good for newborns though. Its also good for older babies and toddlers, as well as for moms.

As A Lifestyle

With the many variety of baby carriers out these days, it is possible to find one that can suite your life and the stages of your child. When you are out at the store and your baby is crying to be held, when you are in desperate need of something to eat but your baby doesn’t want to be put down, when you are amongst strangers and your little one needs a little extra security – these are all perfect opportunities for  .

The closeness of having your baby snuggled into you, held securely with a sling or carrier, can help keep you in tune with her needs. Babies who are constantly kept close do not need to cry out as often to get attention – mommy is already right there. You will be more in tune when you baby is hungry or needs a diaper change and able to tend to those needs before your baby becomes upset.

It’s important for babies to have a trust and sense of security in the world. Being carried and held close often can bring that feeling to your baby. That trust will bring happiness and contentment to your little one. As your baby grows older, he will have an innate sense of security and love, which will help him become self-reliant and secure.

Baby wearing can be great for fathers too. There are many styles and prints that are geared towards dads to help get them into the baby wearing vibe. Many dads love to use baby carriers as a way to develop that same closeness that usually only mothers get. Your baby will become used to his voice, movements and heartbeat, forging a new kind of bond for the two of them.

Convenience is another reason many mothers choose to wear their baby. If you have an older child who needs your hands on attention, babywearing can keep you free to tend to them. Or if you need to move about the house to cook a meal or do a chore, wearing your baby will keep her safe and content while you go about your daily routines. The gentle rocking motion of your movements will keep her sleeping peacefully much longer than if you were to leave her alone.

As you baby becomes a toddler you do not need to put away your baby carrier. There are many carriers that are made to hold the weight of toddlers while giving your back a break. Your toddler will love to have the advantage of being held, giving him an adults eye view of the world and a secure place to retreat to when things become more than he can handle.

With the many different types of baby carriers out, you may find yourself with more than one. You may choose to have a sling for around the house and a backpack for outtings. You may want a wrap for your newborn and a structured carrier for your toddler. And with so many prints to choose from, you may want more just because you love the look. Babywearing can compliment your life and bring you closer to your child as well.

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How To Have A ‘Green’ Christmas December 19, 2008

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Living a green lifestyle doesn’t have to stop when it comes to the holidays. There are many ways in which you can extend that lifestyle into your family traditions and even the gifts you give. Here are some great ways to make your holidays green.

For Your Home

One of the best ways to go green this year is to start at the “root” of it. Instead of going out to a tree lot or Christmas tree farm, you can start a fun new family tradition with a potted or balled tree. You can start with a baby tree or go for a little bigger tree. Either way you can watch your beloved family Christmas tree grow every year, giving you many fun and happy memories to carry with you. The Original Living Christmas Tree has some great care instructions to help you keep your tree healthy.

Once you have your living tree in your home, make sure to decorate it with LED lights. LED lights last much longer, use 80 – 90% less power than regular lights and are cool to the touch so they won’t burn tiny hands (or mouths). Then you can create another great family tradition by making the ornaments for your tree. Many children have already begun making sweet little ornaments at school, and you can make more ornaments as a family using everyday items around the house, or from things found in nature. Things that can be fun to use are pine cones, pictures, old toys, toilet paper rolls…the possibilities are endless. And if your stuck for ideas, there are tons of sites on the web to help you with crafting your own ornaments! Just do a simple search.

Gift Giving

Going green with gift giving is super easy! You can make wreaths from discarded Christmas tree branches, make ornaments or bake cookies. You can also go green by buying locally made gifts, organic clothing, choosing gifts from recycled sources or that use recycled packaging, buying gifts that don’t require batteries, or gifts made from recycled products. Here is a fun site I found, and there are tons more! Gigglefish

Don’t forget to go green when wrapping those presents. There are many companies now making recycled wrapping paper. Or you can choose to use newspaper or paper bags for your gifts. I often save gift bags I get over the year to reuse them myself. Don’t forget to recycle or reuse any wrapping paper, gift bags, boxes and ribbons you get!

Christmas Dinner

Another great way to go natural is to buy an organic, free range turkey for your Christmas meal. You can pair it with fresh, organic vegetables and other organic sides. And for dessert you can use unrefined sugar and unbleached, organic flour. Luckily for me, I have a great store in my city that has tons of great products like this for pretty good prices.

With these simple ideas you will have a wonderful time creating wonderful new traditions for your family. Have a green & Merry Christmas!

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