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Please Support Our Natural Parenting Bloggers December 28, 2008

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As I recently searched the net for other natural parenting bloggers, I found many interesting blogs with great posts. The problem was, that half of these blog posts were a couple of years old. It really saddens me to think that these bloggers were probally trying to become WAHM’s by earning some income from their blogs, and weren’t able to, so they quit.

Just think how many great articles and posts that could really help someone, that will not be written now. So, I would like to ask for those of you that are reading this, to please help support our natural parenting and other related bloggers so they can continue to write great blogs. This means you simply need to click on their adsense ads to help them generate a little bit of income. Then pass on the word to others about their great blogs and ask them to click on the adsense ads as well.

I do not have any adsense on this blog, but I do have some on my home site Eco Baby Buzz. I have made it a point to start clicking on other bloggers adsense in hopes of helping someone else out and maybe getting some good adsense karma along the way. I hope that some of you will do the same thing. We need to support each other in these hard times, and especially support others who are trying to educate and inform about natural parenting, green living, cloth diapering, etc. Thanks!


2 Responses to “Please Support Our Natural Parenting Bloggers”

  1. Anastasia B Says:

    I completely agree, I have also come across many ‘frozen’ SAHM blogs. I hope mine does not become that…I have found some of your links very relevant and helpful on your site, I came across a Canadian site that sells relatively inexpensive wool kids clothing that I particularly like. I take some time to visit and support other green parenting websites.

  2. Summer Says:

    This is a great idea, one that I wish more people would do. I always think of the ads as a type of “tip jar”. If I like what I’m eading I’ll click an ad or two to tip the writer. 🙂

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