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Please Support Our Natural Parenting Bloggers December 28, 2008

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As I recently searched the net for other natural parenting bloggers, I found many interesting blogs with great posts. The problem was, that half of these blog posts were a couple of years old. It really saddens me to think that these bloggers were probally trying to become WAHM’s by earning some income from their blogs, and weren’t able to, so they quit.

Just think how many great articles and posts that could really help someone, that will not be written now. So, I would like to ask for those of you that are reading this, to please help support our natural parenting and other related bloggers so they can continue to write great blogs. This means you simply need to click on their adsense ads to help them generate a little bit of income. Then pass on the word to others about their great blogs and ask them to click on the adsense ads as well.

I do not have any adsense on this blog, but I do have some on my home site Eco Baby Buzz. I have made it a point to start clicking on other bloggers adsense in hopes of helping someone else out and maybe getting some good adsense karma along the way. I hope that some of you will do the same thing. We need to support each other in these hard times, and especially support others who are trying to educate and inform about natural parenting, green living, cloth diapering, etc. Thanks!


How To Have A ‘Green’ Christmas December 19, 2008

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Living a green lifestyle doesn’t have to stop when it comes to the holidays. There are many ways in which you can extend that lifestyle into your family traditions and even the gifts you give. Here are some great ways to make your holidays green.

For Your Home

One of the best ways to go green this year is to start at the “root” of it. Instead of going out to a tree lot or Christmas tree farm, you can start a fun new family tradition with a potted or balled tree. You can start with a baby tree or go for a little bigger tree. Either way you can watch your beloved family Christmas tree grow every year, giving you many fun and happy memories to carry with you. The Original Living Christmas Tree has some great care instructions to help you keep your tree healthy.

Once you have your living tree in your home, make sure to decorate it with LED lights. LED lights last much longer, use 80 – 90% less power than regular lights and are cool to the touch so they won’t burn tiny hands (or mouths). Then you can create another great family tradition by making the ornaments for your tree. Many children have already begun making sweet little ornaments at school, and you can make more ornaments as a family using everyday items around the house, or from things found in nature. Things that can be fun to use are pine cones, pictures, old toys, toilet paper rolls…the possibilities are endless. And if your stuck for ideas, there are tons of sites on the web to help you with crafting your own ornaments! Just do a simple search.

Gift Giving

Going green with gift giving is super easy! You can make wreaths from discarded Christmas tree branches, make ornaments or bake cookies. You can also go green by buying locally made gifts, organic clothing, choosing gifts from recycled sources or that use recycled packaging, buying gifts that don’t require batteries, or gifts made from recycled products. Here is a fun site I found, and there are tons more! Gigglefish

Don’t forget to go green when wrapping those presents. There are many companies now making recycled wrapping paper. Or you can choose to use newspaper or paper bags for your gifts. I often save gift bags I get over the year to reuse them myself. Don’t forget to recycle or reuse any wrapping paper, gift bags, boxes and ribbons you get!

Christmas Dinner

Another great way to go natural is to buy an organic, free range turkey for your Christmas meal. You can pair it with fresh, organic vegetables and other organic sides. And for dessert you can use unrefined sugar and unbleached, organic flour. Luckily for me, I have a great store in my city that has tons of great products like this for pretty good prices.

With these simple ideas you will have a wonderful time creating wonderful new traditions for your family. Have a green & Merry Christmas!

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Sweet Baby Kisses December 7, 2008

Some of the sweetest moments between my baby and I happen in our family bed. I get more kisses and laughs from him than any other time. The new thing he does that I think is just adorable is when he is nursing and then stops so he can give me a kiss. He does this often when I am putting him down for the night. And there is nothing better than waking up to a sweet baby kiss in the morning. It’s hard not to fall in love with him all over again. I think about how I would miss out on the moments if we weren’t sharing a family bed.

More than I love my sweet baby kisses, I love weekend mornings. My husband is home on those mornings, and the three of us sleep in. When my baby wakes up and sees his Daddy there, he immediatly rolls over to give him a kiss. It reminds me of the sweet relationship the two of them share. As much as he loves and needsĀ  his Mommy, he also loves and needs his Daddy. That is a really special thing. I am so glad that we can share these special moments together.

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