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Addicted To Cloth December 22, 2008

I have a serious addiction to cloth diapering. For those of you who do not use cloth diapers, or who do not have a serious shopping addiction, you may not understand this. i’m not sure if my addiction stems from my love of shopping or my need to enjoy something cute and fluffy. Whatever it is, I’m in deep.

When I find a diaper I love, I have to have more of them. Alot more. I have gone through spurts where I have a new favorite diaper every month. As you can imagine, that doesn’t help out my pocket book much. Thankfully, I take good care of my diapers and have been able to  sell them for close to what I paid for them. It has been quite a roller coaster ride though, and luckily I have convinced my husband that it’s ok!

It all started with Bumgenius. I tried them and a few other diapers, and decided that was the diaper – there was nothing better. So I started to grow my stash so I had enough diaper to last a few days and had all Bumgenius. I was quite happy with it like that for a few months. Then I couldn’t resist the urge to try something new. (I think that was about tax refund time) And that was when it was really all over. With a little money to play with, I quickly began changing up my stash, several times. Do you have any idea how many kinds of diapers there are out there? So many….. So I tried a bunch of the popular ones, switched from all pockets to prefolds to fitteds and then to fitteds and pockets. LOL.

I can say that I am mostly over my trying everything out phase. I pretty much have to be with the state of the economy anyway. I have found one type of fitted I love, and one type of pocket I love, and have built a nice stash with them. I am pretty happy. Except when my favorite WAHM puts out a new pretty batch of fluffies that I have to try to resist. Thats when I have to find something to sell so I can buy more!

I mean you should see these diapers! They are adorable! The prints are so cute, the diapers so soft! I love to wrap a new and soft diaper on my baby’s bum and know how nice it must feel against his skin. Such luxury! I wish I could have something so nice. I’m just glad that cloth diapering is something we can both enjoy. I wonder what he’ll think when he gets older and relizes all this?

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Benefits of Baby Wearing December 21, 2008

Your baby spends nine months in your womb; the closest two people can be to each other. He feels the warmth of your body, hears your heart beating rhythmically, and is filled with the familiar smells of mommy. So it is only natural to mimic that closeness by using a baby carrier or sling with your sweet newborn baby. Baby wearing is not only good for newborns though. Its also good for older babies and toddlers, as well as for moms.

As A Lifestyle

With the many variety of baby carriers out these days, it is possible to find one that can suite your life and the stages of your child. When you are out at the store and your baby is crying to be held, when you are in desperate need of something to eat but your baby doesn’t want to be put down, when you are amongst strangers and your little one needs a little extra security – these are all perfect opportunities for  .

The closeness of having your baby snuggled into you, held securely with a sling or carrier, can help keep you in tune with her needs. Babies who are constantly kept close do not need to cry out as often to get attention – mommy is already right there. You will be more in tune when you baby is hungry or needs a diaper change and able to tend to those needs before your baby becomes upset.

It’s important for babies to have a trust and sense of security in the world. Being carried and held close often can bring that feeling to your baby. That trust will bring happiness and contentment to your little one. As your baby grows older, he will have an innate sense of security and love, which will help him become self-reliant and secure.

Baby wearing can be great for fathers too. There are many styles and prints that are geared towards dads to help get them into the baby wearing vibe. Many dads love to use baby carriers as a way to develop that same closeness that usually only mothers get. Your baby will become used to his voice, movements and heartbeat, forging a new kind of bond for the two of them.

Convenience is another reason many mothers choose to wear their baby. If you have an older child who needs your hands on attention, babywearing can keep you free to tend to them. Or if you need to move about the house to cook a meal or do a chore, wearing your baby will keep her safe and content while you go about your daily routines. The gentle rocking motion of your movements will keep her sleeping peacefully much longer than if you were to leave her alone.

As you baby becomes a toddler you do not need to put away your baby carrier. There are many carriers that are made to hold the weight of toddlers while giving your back a break. Your toddler will love to have the advantage of being held, giving him an adults eye view of the world and a secure place to retreat to when things become more than he can handle.

With the many different types of baby carriers out, you may find yourself with more than one. You may choose to have a sling for around the house and a backpack for outtings. You may want a wrap for your newborn and a structured carrier for your toddler. And with so many prints to choose from, you may want more just because you love the look. Babywearing can compliment your life and bring you closer to your child as well.

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Sweet Baby Kisses December 7, 2008

Some of the sweetest moments between my baby and I happen in our family bed. I get more kisses and laughs from him than any other time. The new thing he does that I think is just adorable is when he is nursing and then stops so he can give me a kiss. He does this often when I am putting him down for the night. And there is nothing better than waking up to a sweet baby kiss in the morning. It’s hard not to fall in love with him all over again. I think about how I would miss out on the moments if we weren’t sharing a family bed.

More than I love my sweet baby kisses, I love weekend mornings. My husband is home on those mornings, and the three of us sleep in. When my baby wakes up and sees his Daddy there, he immediatly rolls over to give him a kiss. It reminds me of the sweet relationship the two of them share. As much as he loves and needs  his Mommy, he also loves and needs his Daddy. That is a really special thing. I am so glad that we can share these special moments together.

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The Wonders of Wool November 23, 2008

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I love wool with cloth diapers. It is amazing. My favorite wool is interlock though. It is nice looking and so easy to take care of. Wool is breathable, anti-bacterial, holds up to 30% its weight in liquid and only needs to be washed once a month or when soiled. You really can’t beat that.

Wool is my go to cover when Im going out with the baby or nap time. I have even started using it at nights over my pocket diapers because they aren’t quite holding it all in anymore. The only thing I don’t like about wool is it’s so darn expensive. I have yet to try some really nice knit wool because I really don’t have the money. There is a solution to the expense though. Make it yourself. I recently bought a yard of interlock and I’m going to make three pair of longies. And I know there are tons of mamas that have learned to knit to make their own longies. I have tried to learn to knit and I cannot figure it out. Bless those that can.

A great way to try wool inexpensively is by using recycled wool. Recycled wool is made from wool sweaters to create soakers, longies or shorties. That was how I first tried wool. I got a pair of recycled longies for $12. They were super cute and I got a great introduction into the joys of wool. Best of all, you can find recycled wool all over the place. I just wash my recycled wool on delicate in the washing machine also.

As wonderful as wool is, you do need to be careful when washing it. I have mistakenly gotten lanolin stains in my wool from scrubbing it with a lanolized wool wash bar. I have also accidentally shrunk my wool in the washer after washing it too many times trying to get the stains out. And I also felted it. Lol. It was a great learning process though, and I came to find out that I liked the wool felted a little better because it worked a little better. The good news is, if you shrink interlock wool you can stretch it back out. You just need to soak it in conditioner for an hour or more, then pull like crazy to reshape it.

Wool is amazing. For more wonderful wool tips and a how to’s, visit


Night Time Snuggles November 20, 2008

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I love to sleep with my little one. He is sweet, warm and cuddly. He snuggles up to me all night and when he isn’t in bed with me I miss him. He also hogs up most of the bed, kicks me, gets on top of me and sometimes does marathon nursing all night. That’s OK. This time is precious and will not last long. I want to treasure it and enjoy these time while I can.

I co-slept with my other two sons also. When my first son was 1 1/2 and I was pregnant with my second, I found myself in the middle of a divorce and living with my parents. Co-sleeping took on a new meaning as I shared my bed with my 2 year old and my newborn. It was definatly interesting being squeezed in between the two of them, but sweet. It was just the three of us for years as we had to live in my old bedroom in my parents house. Sometimes a trying situation, but I look back at those nights fondly. I would read little story books to them at bedtime, then lay with them until they drifted off into slumber land. It wasn’t until my oldest son was four that I was able to move into our own place and they had their own room. It was actually really easy for them to make the transition from sleeping with me to sleeping in another room on their new bunk beds. Of course we still had to have ‘sleep overs’ every once in awhile.

As the years went on, story time was still an important part of our lives. We would all crawl onto one of their beds and read together. Sometimes in the mornings my youngest son would sneak into my bed and snuggle in bed with me for a couple of hours. It was very sweet to hear him softly breathing next to me, just like old times.

Now my newest son who is 14 months old, often will sleep in his crib all night. Sometimes I won’t put him in because I just want to be with him. It’s just a reminder that he’s growing up and becoming so big. I think my time co-sleeping with my sons has been wonderful and has only made us closer. I wonder if they will co-sleep with their children too.


How I Fell In Love With Cloth November 19, 2008

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When I was pregnant with my third son, who is now 14 months old, I didn’t really give much thought to cloth diapers. I had really wanted to use cloth diapers with my first son, but felt really discouraged about the whole thing so I never even tried. So after my baby was born I decided to look into cloth diapers and boy was I surprised! Cloth diapers are not what your grandma used anymore! They are completely different, easy to use and uber cute! The problem I came across was, I was completely overwhelmed. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of cloth diapers. Pockets, All In Ones, Fitteds, Pre Fitteds. I had no idea what it all meant. My head would spin as I would search around on the internet trying to figure out what was what and what to use.

When I saw BumGenius One Size Pocket diapers though, I was mesmerized. I had no idea diapers could be so cool. The word ‘newfangled’ comes to mind, lol. And that was how I got hooked. I spouted the many reasons why we should use cloth diapers. Most importantly, we would save money! He liked the sound of that. It was the initial investment that was the part he didn’t like. “These diapers cost HOW much?” So I just bought one BumGenius to try and a few prefolds with a cover. Once I tried the Bumgenius I was amazed and completely hooked. It was like an addiction. One led to three more and then six more and then I had to have at least 24 so I could last a few days before washing. It took me a couple of months to get them all, and while I slowly built up my stash, I washed every day or two, lovingly taking care of my prized diapers.

Now many dollars and many diapers later, I don’t even have any of those diapers anymore. LOL. Talk about addiction! That led to having to try many, many other diapers. Luckily I found where I could sell my diapers to fund more, more, more! Funny thing is, I sold and bought so many diapers and now that I have found one I am really sticking to (and I mean it!) I have also gone back to good ol BumGenius. Hey, they are great diapers. What can I say?