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Addicted To Cloth December 22, 2008

I have a serious addiction to cloth diapering. For those of you who do not use cloth diapers, or who do not have a serious shopping addiction, you may not understand this. i’m not sure if my addiction stems from my love of shopping or my need to enjoy something cute and fluffy. Whatever it is, I’m in deep.

When I find a diaper I love, I have to have more of them. Alot more. I have gone through spurts where I have a new favorite diaper every month. As you can imagine, that doesn’t help out my pocket book much. Thankfully, I take good care of my diapers and have been able to¬† sell them for close to what I paid for them. It has been quite a roller coaster ride though, and luckily I have convinced my husband that it’s ok!

It all started with Bumgenius. I tried them and a few other diapers, and decided that was the diaper – there was nothing better. So I started to grow my stash so I had enough diaper to last a few days and had all Bumgenius. I was quite happy with it like that for a few months. Then I couldn’t resist the urge to try something new. (I think that was about tax refund time) And that was when it was really all over. With a little money to play with, I quickly began changing up my stash, several times. Do you have any idea how many kinds of diapers there are out there? So many….. So I tried a bunch of the popular ones, switched from all pockets to prefolds to fitteds and then to fitteds and pockets. LOL.

I can say that I am mostly over my trying everything out phase. I pretty much have to be with the state of the economy anyway. I have found one type of fitted I love, and one type of pocket I love, and have built a nice stash with them. I am pretty happy. Except when my favorite WAHM puts out a new pretty batch of fluffies that I have to try to resist. Thats when I have to find something to sell so I can buy more!

I mean you should see these diapers! They are adorable! The prints are so cute, the diapers so soft! I love to wrap a new and soft diaper on my baby’s bum and know how nice it must feel against his skin. Such luxury! I wish I could have something so nice. I’m just glad that cloth diapering is something we can both enjoy. I wonder what he’ll think when he gets older and relizes all this?

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How To Avoid Stains December 18, 2008

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Imagine this: you get your beautiful new fluffies in the mail, all soft and smelling fresh. They are so nice you want to hug them or pet them or just put them on display. Of course you don’t, because you are so excited to use them. So you prep them right away and wrap that sucker on your baby’s bum. Then five minutes later, it happens. You feared it, but hoped it wouldn’t happen. Your baby poops in his brand new diaper! Oh, the horror …

This has happened to me many a time. I think babies must love new diapers as much as us mamas do, because they certainly seem to love to poop in them. It’s OK though. You don’t have to worry about that lovely new diaper staining. You can keep it pretty and new looking with a few tricks.

The first trick is to rinse or spray your diaper off soon after your baby poops. You can either just dunk it in the toilet or spray it with a diaper sprayer until most of the poop comes off. You can also use a wet pail method where you keep dirty diapers in a bucket of water with a bit of vinegar or baking soda in it. I have also used my washer as a sort of wet pail, putting dirty diapers in to soak and doing small loads of diapers daily.

Another trick is, if you can’t or don’t want to rinse or spray your diapers, or use some sort of wet pail, you can use Bac-Out to help combate stains. Bac-Out is a wonderful product that is made with natural live enzymes that is great for getting stains and odors out of your diapers. You can either squirt some in your pre-rinse during your wash routine or you can squirt some in and soak your diapers in it before wasing. Just remember that Bac-Out is concentrated, so a little goes a long way!

My last trick is one that I don’t really use, but it works well. Try using either a disposable or reusable liner. There are many disposable liners out and you can find them at most cloth diaper stores. Fleece liners are also great and can help keep your baby’s skin dry. You can also make your own fleece liners and save money. Just buy a 1/2 yard of fleece and cut them into diaper size strips. Then when your baby poops your diaper is saved from it and you can either throw away your liner or rinse it (or not) and it’s a super easy, no-mess solution.

If you use these tricks, you should have no problems with those nasty stains. You can keep your diapers lovely and clean looking for a long time!

For more information on cloth diapering, please go to for tons of articles, how to’s and more!


Dunking and Spraying December 17, 2008

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One question I hear often from those new to cloth diapering is, do I need to dunk my dirty diapers in the toilet? Thankfully, the answer is ‘no’! Then the question that usually follows is, ‘if I don’t dunk, then what do I do?’ When I first started looking into cloth diapering, that was one of the questions foremost in my mind.

Honestly, the thought of dunking poo into the toilet was a total turn off; especially coming from using disposables with my first two sons. That’s why when I heard the answer I got really excited. If your baby is exclusively breast/bottle fed, you can just throw your poopy diapers into your diaper pail until wash day with the rest of your diapers. It’s really that easy! Newborn poo is so watery that it just dissolves into the wash, and it doesn’t change that much as they get older.

So what happens when your baby starts solid foods? Luckily your baby won’t be eating enough solids to change the consistency of their poo for quite awhile. That means that you can go most of the first year without worry of doing anything special during your diaper changes. Gotta love that!

When your baby finally does start eating enough solids to change poo from goo to solid poo, then you will need to make some changes in your diaper change routine. Once you find (and excuse me if this is too much information) bits and chunks of food in your baby’s poo, you won’t want to put that into your washer. Those bits will not rinse out of your washer and you will have to clean them out of the machine yourself.

That is when your friend the diaper sprayer comes in. A diaper sprayer is a very convenient tool that you hook up to the tank of your toilet. You can adjust the water pressure so that the spray can either be light or heavy. The neat thing about a diaper sprayer is that it can also double as a bidet. Kinda nifty I think. Diaper sprayers can cost anywhere from $30 – $40 and you can find them at most any cloth diaper store. I recommend looking for a good sale when purchasing one though.

Diaper sprayers are very easy to use. You can use them on a fresh dirty diaper or one that has had to sit for awhile. Simply hold your diaper near the inside of the toilet bowl, and carefully spray the affected area until it’s free of anything to thick or chunky. If it doesn’t come off very easily, adjust the water pressure to get things loose. Just watch for splashing – it can get very messy if you have the water too high. You will also want to keep a wet bag or something of that nature in the bathroom to keep your wet diapers in at least temporarily.

Of course you don’t have to use a diaper sprayer if you don’t want to. You can easily dunk diapers or soak them in a wet pail even. I highly recommend trying a diaper sprayer though. They can save you time and make your diaper cleaning routine much easier.

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Sunning Stains Out December 16, 2008

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The sun gives us light, warmth and so much more, but did you also know it can get rid of those nasty stains from your cloth diapers too? You may have read it one forums or heard it from other mamas, but never tried it yourself. Well, let me tell you, it really works! I have to say, the sun is like a miracle stain remover! And it’s not just for cloth diapers either. You can sun out stains on your clothing as well. I have done it many times.

So how do you use the sun to get rid of stains? It’s very simple. You lay out your diaper (or whatever) in the morning in a spot where you know the sun will shine for most of the day. You can either lay it flat or drap it over the back of a chair. Make sure all the stained areas are exposed to the sun. Then leave it there for the day. You will usually come back at the end of the day to find a completely stain free item. And it even works for microfiber. I have had diapers and inserts that were so stained it just looked gross, only to sun them out and have them looking almost new again.

The winter months are a little harder to sun things out, but it still works. Believe it or not, you can still sun your stains out even if you can’t actually see the sun. There were several weeks here in California where there were forrest fires that left it smoky outside and the sun was covered by haze. These were actually some of the best sunning days I had. On winter days, I just do the same thing I normally do, but it might take longer than a day. And just make sure you bring your things in when it rains.

So what happens if you leave your diapers outside to sun and the stain doesn’t come out in one or even two days? Unfortunatly, as well as sunning stains out works, some things just can’t be sunned out. You will have to choose a more aggressive stain removal method. If after a day you don’t at least see some improvement on the stain, then that means that the sun most likely will not do the trick.

If you haven’t tried using the sun to get stains out of your diapers, I highly recommend it. When I first heard about about this trick, I didn’t think it could actually work. Let me tell you, seeing is believing.

For more information on cloth diapering, please go to for tons of articles, how to’s and more!


Selling Your Cloth Diapers December 2, 2008

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coverOne of the great things about cloth diapers is that if you find that that particular diaper doesn’t work for your child, or you need money to fund something else, or you just plain are tired of it, you can sell it. I have sold many a diaper on and on Spots Corner. There are a few tricks to learn before you get started, and after that it’s easy and even fun. Nothing beats the feeling of making a sale and putting some money into your PayPal account!

First things first – you need to be familiar with some of the lingo and abbreviations on the forums. You’ll want to know these terms in particular:

PPD – Postage Paid

CC – Credit Card

EUC – Excellent Used Condition

VGUC – Very Good Used Condition

FFS- Free For Shipping

PP – Pay Pal

Funded – The funds you have in your Pay Pal account

RME – Revolution Money Exchange

Once you know those basics, you will be ready to get started.

So, once you are able to get around the forums, you’ll want to inspect the diapers you want to sell. Make sure they are really in good condition with no stains, tears, elastic problems, etc. Any problems that they do have will need to be listed clearly on your post. I usually do not sell diapers that are stained or have problems at all. If I have a stained diaper I want to get rid of, I usually just put it in the sun for a day or two and the stains come right out. If your diaper has tears or elastic problems, you may just want to put it up as a free for shipping.

One thing you will learn quickly is you have to earn a reputation as a seller and you can ruin it as quickly as you made it. So you always want to make sure you treat potential buyers with courtesy and respect, communicate clearly and often, and most of all – sell something that you yourself would want to buy.

Now that you have your diaper in selling condition, you’ll want to take some pictures of it. A nice close-up of both the inner and the outer of the diaper will help potential buyers see how nice your diaper looks. If you have several diapers to sell at once, I would suggest you put them in small groups to take pictures so that the condition of the diapers shows in the pictures. Before you put the pictures on your post, check it to make sure it’s not blurry, the diaper looks nice – not wrinkled, and that the diaper is clearly visable. This are all important points that will help it sell quickly.

Last but not least, is the post itself. Your post should contain all relevant information about your diaper. You should list whether you are the first owner or not, what condition it’s in, whether or not there are stains or defects, if it’s a second quality diaper make note of it, who made the diaper and if the print has a name you know of, list that as well. Most buyers like for you to include the price of shipping in the asking price. If you do not want to take credit card payments, be sure to say so in your post. If you do not want to ship to Canada (although it is actually cheaper than shipping to the US most times) state that as well. Try to think of any obvious information that a potential buyer would like to know, and add that to your post. That way you can make a sale go through much more smoothly.

Once you have your post up all you have to do is wait for interest. If it’s a high end diaper or a highly sought diaper, it will sell quickly. If it is an unknown diaper, or a diaper known for having problems, it will be hard to sell. One thing you can count on is, the lower the price, the faster the sell. Unless your diaper was never used or is a hard to get item, it’s best to price it at least $5 less than what you paid. A potential buyer will not buy something from you for the same price they can get it new somewhere else.

Once you have given your Pay Pal address out, it’s a good practice to put “pending” on your post. That way other mamas know it is probably sold. If you have a potential buyer ask you for your Pay Pal address, but they do not pay you right away, the standard is to wait a 24 hour period before you put it back up for sale. That is a courtesy you can give to the mama who wants to buy it. You never know what may have come up. Of course you should send her a message letting her know that you will only hold it for a certain period of time though.

During these hard financial times, it’s best to understand that things are selling slower than they would have six months ago. If you can’t sell a diaper right away, don’t give up hope. I have had diapers up for months before selling before. I think it was even more exciting after such a long wait, and I was glad to have the Pay Pal. Try to have fun with selling and you can always work on trades.

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Fleece and cloth diapers November 24, 2008

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As much as I love wool, I also really love fleece. I read somewhere that fleece is the man-made version of wool. I have to say that fleece is pretty awesome. What I love best about fleece is that you can just throw it in the washer. I let my son run around outside and get dirty in it because I know that I can wash it so easily. The biggest plus for me is I have learned to make my own fleece longies, so I can run up to Wal Mart and buy some awesome fleece that I love and whip out a couple of pair like that.

The only thing I dont like about fleece is once it gets wet it will smell like urine. Wool does not hold the smell of urine so it doesn’t have to be washed as often. Thats why I was super happy when I found the fleece I have been using. I have about 10 pair of fleece pants that I use daily. I made two of each pattern so if one gets dirty, I can throw on another just like it. LOL.

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How I Fell In Love With Cloth November 19, 2008

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When I was pregnant with my third son, who is now 14 months old, I didn’t really give much thought to cloth diapers. I had really wanted to use cloth diapers with my first son, but felt really discouraged about the whole thing so I never even tried. So after my baby was born I decided to look into cloth diapers and boy was I surprised! Cloth diapers are not what your grandma used anymore! They are completely different, easy to use and uber cute! The problem I came across was, I was completely overwhelmed. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of cloth diapers. Pockets, All In Ones, Fitteds, Pre Fitteds. I had no idea what it all meant. My head would spin as I would search around on the internet trying to figure out what was what and what to use.

When I saw BumGenius One Size Pocket diapers though, I was mesmerized. I had no idea diapers could be so cool. The word ‘newfangled’ comes to mind, lol. And that was how I got hooked. I spouted the many reasons why we should use cloth diapers. Most importantly, we would save money! He liked the sound of that. It was the initial investment that was the part he didn’t like. “These diapers cost HOW much?” So I just bought one BumGenius to try and a few prefolds with a cover. Once I tried the Bumgenius I was amazed and completely hooked. It was like an addiction. One led to three more and then six more and then I had to have at least 24 so I could last a few days before washing. It took me a couple of months to get them all, and while I slowly built up my stash, I washed every day or two, lovingly taking care of my prized diapers.

Now many dollars and many diapers later, I don’t even have any of those diapers anymore. LOL. Talk about addiction! That led to having to try many, many other diapers. Luckily I found where I could sell my diapers to fund more, more, more! Funny thing is, I sold and bought so many diapers and now that I have found one I am really sticking to (and I mean it!) I have also gone back to good ol BumGenius. Hey, they are great diapers. What can I say?