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Selling Diapers in This Economy December 23, 2008

With the way the economy is now days, it has become increasingly hard to sell your used diapers. I have witnessed Goodmama’s go from being sold used at $45  and unable to get from The Goodmama herself, to being able to go to the site and see pages of diapers just sitting there.

Muttaqin Baby, who would previously be sold out of diapers within hours, has lowered her prices of all her diapers by $5 or more. Diapers that had “hard to find” prints and were being sold for 30 some odd dollars are now being sold for $22 – $25. This was absolutely unheard of a few months ago.

With the way things were then, I was able to sell any of my diapers for almos the price I paid for them, because they were so highly sought, yet so hard to get. Now, with the ever declining economy, I can barely sell a Muttaqin Baby diaper for $10. Yes, $10! So, with that in mind, it is important to consider all this when you try to sell your diapers now.

If you want to sell a diaper now, that you paid $20 + for a few months ago, know that you will not be able to sell it for that much now. I recomend starting at a low price from the start. Otherwise you will find yourself slowly lowering the price until you can finally find a buyer.

If you have a diaper to sell that is not a popluar one, unfortunatly you will have to lower the price even more, no matter what you paid for it. Mama’s just don’t have the money to buy diapers anymore, or are switching to inexpensive diapers. Luckily there are always diapers that will sell, as long as the FSOT isn’t saturated with them.

So the one piece of advice I have for you is this, the lower the price, the faster it will sell. Lower your expectations on what you think you should get for your diapers (or wool for that matter). What was once worth everything you paid, is now worth less than half that price. And even with prices lowered, things are still sitting on FSOT for weeks.

In these hard times, you may even want to consider trading for other items you need. I have had some great trades myself. I have been able to trade some Muttaqin Baby diapers for recyled wool, knit wool, and mama pads. I am now in the works of selling an almost new serger for wool. Trading can be a great way to go!

I can only hope that the economy gets better for us all, and not because of the diaper situation. Hopefully with this new year and new president, things can slowly start getting better for us all!

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How To Have A ‘Green’ Christmas December 19, 2008

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Living a green lifestyle doesn’t have to stop when it comes to the holidays. There are many ways in which you can extend that lifestyle into your family traditions and even the gifts you give. Here are some great ways to make your holidays green.

For Your Home

One of the best ways to go green this year is to start at the “root” of it. Instead of going out to a tree lot or Christmas tree farm, you can start a fun new family tradition with a potted or balled tree. You can start with a baby tree or go for a little bigger tree. Either way you can watch your beloved family Christmas tree grow every year, giving you many fun and happy memories to carry with you. The Original Living Christmas Tree has some great care instructions to help you keep your tree healthy.

Once you have your living tree in your home, make sure to decorate it with LED lights. LED lights last much longer, use 80 – 90% less power than regular lights and are cool to the touch so they won’t burn tiny hands (or mouths). Then you can create another great family tradition by making the ornaments for your tree. Many children have already begun making sweet little ornaments at school, and you can make more ornaments as a family using everyday items around the house, or from things found in nature. Things that can be fun to use are pine cones, pictures, old toys, toilet paper rolls…the possibilities are endless. And if your stuck for ideas, there are tons of sites on the web to help you with crafting your own ornaments! Just do a simple search.

Gift Giving

Going green with gift giving is super easy! You can make wreaths from discarded Christmas tree branches, make ornaments or bake cookies. You can also go green by buying locally made gifts, organic clothing, choosing gifts from recycled sources or that use recycled packaging, buying gifts that don’t require batteries, or gifts made from recycled products. Here is a fun site I found, and there are tons more! Gigglefish

Don’t forget to go green when wrapping those presents. There are many companies now making recycled wrapping paper. Or you can choose to use newspaper or paper bags for your gifts. I often save gift bags I get over the year to reuse them myself. Don’t forget to recycle or reuse any wrapping paper, gift bags, boxes and ribbons you get!

Christmas Dinner

Another great way to go natural is to buy an organic, free range turkey for your Christmas meal. You can pair it with fresh, organic vegetables and other organic sides. And for dessert you can use unrefined sugar and unbleached, organic flour. Luckily for me, I have a great store in my city that has tons of great products like this for pretty good prices.

With these simple ideas you will have a wonderful time creating wonderful new traditions for your family. Have a green & Merry Christmas!

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Dunking and Spraying December 17, 2008

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One question I hear often from those new to cloth diapering is, do I need to dunk my dirty diapers in the toilet? Thankfully, the answer is ‘no’! Then the question that usually follows is, ‘if I don’t dunk, then what do I do?’ When I first started looking into cloth diapering, that was one of the questions foremost in my mind.

Honestly, the thought of dunking poo into the toilet was a total turn off; especially coming from using disposables with my first two sons. That’s why when I heard the answer I got really excited. If your baby is exclusively breast/bottle fed, you can just throw your poopy diapers into your diaper pail until wash day with the rest of your diapers. It’s really that easy! Newborn poo is so watery that it just dissolves into the wash, and it doesn’t change that much as they get older.

So what happens when your baby starts solid foods? Luckily your baby won’t be eating enough solids to change the consistency of their poo for quite awhile. That means that you can go most of the first year without worry of doing anything special during your diaper changes. Gotta love that!

When your baby finally does start eating enough solids to change poo from goo to solid poo, then you will need to make some changes in your diaper change routine. Once you find (and excuse me if this is too much information) bits and chunks of food in your baby’s poo, you won’t want to put that into your washer. Those bits will not rinse out of your washer and you will have to clean them out of the machine yourself.

That is when your friend the diaper sprayer comes in. A diaper sprayer is a very convenient tool that you hook up to the tank of your toilet. You can adjust the water pressure so that the spray can either be light or heavy. The neat thing about a diaper sprayer is that it can also double as a bidet. Kinda nifty I think. Diaper sprayers can cost anywhere from $30 – $40 and you can find them at most any cloth diaper store. I recommend looking for a good sale when purchasing one though.

Diaper sprayers are very easy to use. You can use them on a fresh dirty diaper or one that has had to sit for awhile. Simply hold your diaper near the inside of the toilet bowl, and carefully spray the affected area until it’s free of anything to thick or chunky. If it doesn’t come off very easily, adjust the water pressure to get things loose. Just watch for splashing – it can get very messy if you have the water too high. You will also want to keep a wet bag or something of that nature in the bathroom to keep your wet diapers in at least temporarily.

Of course you don’t have to use a diaper sprayer if you don’t want to. You can easily dunk diapers or soak them in a wet pail even. I highly recommend trying a diaper sprayer though. They can save you time and make your diaper cleaning routine much easier.

For more information on cloth diapering, please go to for tons of articles, how to’s and more!